Customer Will:

1. Provide Sign This Manufacturing with complete and accurate information for     installs and removals
2. Provide a gate code when requesting a job inside a gated community.
3. Provide a detailed map and/or marker for all vacant land installs
4. Obtain homeowner association approvals BEFORE requesting an installation by Sign This Mfg.
5. Retain a copy of your confirmation given to you by Sign This Mfg. If you do not receive a confirmation, then we did not receive your request.
6. Pay for all services requested by the customer according to Sign This, Mfg.'s current price. If payment is past due, Sign This Mfg. reserves the right to remove all posts without prior consent.
7. Contact Sign This, Mfg. immediately if a sprinkler or drip line has been damaged. Sign This Mfg. will not be responsible to pay for any damage if not given notice or opportunity to inspect any claimed damage.
8. Flag or give a detailed description of the property weher owners would like the post to be installed. Without this information, Sign This, Mfg. installers will use their best judgement in placement of the post. If we are asked to move a post, a service fee will be charged to your account.
Sign This Manufacturing Will:
1. Send a confirmation receipt to the customer immediately after the order has been processed.
2. Install all "Complete and Accurate" orders received before 5:00pm Monday-Friday the following day.
3. Follow the customer's instructions as to the placement of the ost, unless the directions conflict with the city sign placement regulations.
4. Repair any sprinkler or drip line damage caused by our installer. Sign This Mfg. will not pay for any damages if not notified immediately, and given the opportunity to inspect or repair the damages.
5. Require that the post not be removed by the customer/homeowner/tenant due to safety precautions
6. Take responsibility for any lost or damaged posts or signs owned by the customer while in our possession or storage. However, Sign This Mfg. will not be responsible for any loss of customers
7. Not install posts on Sundays, Holdiays or days of inclement weather.

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Termination Clause: This agreement may be cancelled by either party without cause, with one week notice, and at any time. In this event, Sign This Mfg., may, at is sole discretion, recover all posts, signs, and items belonging to them.

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